Season 1 has the most episodes making it the most retarded season of Barney and Fags.


  1. The Queen of McFuckFuck - The Queen teaches kids how to fuck.
  2. My Family's not Right for Me! - The children go on strike against parents.
  3. Playing it Dangerous - Barney pushes kids onto busy railroad tracks.
  4. Slap Chop to It! - Barney replaces Vince but cuts off his hand.
  5. Sweat, Fart, and Burp! - Riff Teaches kids how to have gas.
  6. Four Seasons Century - It takes a Century for the seasons to change when Barney goes to the Arctic.
  7. The Treasure of Fat Shit - The kids search for poop.
  8. Not Going Places! - The kids eat McDonalds.
  9. Caring Means Killing - Nathan finds a Bazooka in the School.
  10. Down on Barney - Joe finds Barney's Secret drugs under the caboose
  11. Down on Barney's Slotter House - Barney shows the kids how Big Macs are made.
  12. What's That Fat Ass Shadow? - Stupid 13 year olds dont know what shadows are.
  13. Happy Dead Day, Barney! - The kids kill Barney.
  14. Our Earth, Barney's Home - Barney takes over the world.
  15. Let's Kill Mother Goose! - Mother Goose tells the other story of Jack and Jill.
  16. Be a Bitch - Rude Talk hits BarneyFuckTown.