Season 2 was a very bad season.

  1. Falling for Barney!
  2. Grandparents are Old Farts!
  3. Why Does Every Episode So Far End With an !
  4. May I Fuck You?
  5. Honk! Honk! Goes the Dick
  6. Whooooooooooo's in the Forest of Gaaaaaay?
  7. I can Fuck That!
  8. Grown Ups for a Gay
  9. Picture Bitch
  10. Look at me, I'm Pee!
  11. My Favourite Fux
  12. The Exorsism Circus
  13. The Dentist Makes Me Bitch
  14. Stop, Look and make to have sex!
  15. An Adventure of Fucking
  16. The Alphabet Boo!
  17. Having Fuckloads of Fun!
  18. A Very Fuckious Delivery!